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Important details of loves2spodge
Height>> 6'3" [195cm]
Weight180 - 200 lbs [80 - 90 kg]
What makes me horny
squirt, fountain squirt, women that wear fish net stocking, big ass, high heels, women that do anal, girls that are dirty minded, women that wear sexy outfits and thongs
About me
I don't have enough characters on this to write what I want. Fuck sake. Lol
What turns me off
Turn offs: Fake people, liars, being told you love me when we don't know each other for long time. It's annoying and a lie. Being asked to switch on my cam I hate. Don't bother ask. Obnoxious girls that think they are hot and have the mentality of a teenage girl. If you are this type of female, please fuck off and die :)

My thoughts on cam girls in general, 99% can be very attractive but on the inside they have a dark soul. I can usually tell after speaking to 1 for about 10 minutes it becomes apparent as to "what they are about" which is basically tokens and a complete disregard to the tipper. I find this, distasteful... Beautiful on the outside sure, but on the inside? They don't give the slightest ****. I see right through most...
Comments (5)
you make me happy you're a good man
Awesome time in prv ur so sweet and awesome thanks for the good time
lol didn't realize you both comment on here haha. Fun times ;)
It's always a pleasure for you to come to my room love
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